How to choose a styler for styling your hair

The styler, depending on its design, is able to create different styling. To achieve beautiful hairstyles, the device must be matched to the desired result and hair type. We will tell you what parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing a "beauty assistant". To get additional details, view here: cordless curling iron

How to choose a styler: type of construction

Depending on the purpose, stylers can be universal and specialized. The first, multi-stylers, are equipped with different attachments, due to which they can create a variety of styling: from perfectly straight hair to curls of different sizes. Specialized stylers perform one function, for example, straightening only.


Consider the popular types of stylers:

  • Straightener : This is a flat iron that straightens the hair.
  • Curling iron: a tool for curling hair. The size of the curls depends on the thickness of the pliers shaft.
  • Corrugated forceps: with the help of a ribbed plate, a wave on the hair (corrugation) or root volume is created.
  • Thermocomber: This is a device that allows you to detangle your hair and straighten it a little.

Stylers, like hair clippers , are produced by well-known companies: Rowenta, Philips, Energy, etc.

Consider what to look for when choosing irons and straighteners.

How to choose a styler depending on the desired effect

Rectifier .

Here it is important to pay attention to the width of the plates:

  • Up to 3 cm: These plates are suitable for short haircuts.
  • 4-5 cm: models for shoulder length hair.
  • 5-9 cm: device for long hair.


If you are growing your hair, it is better to take the model wider.

Curling irons .

The plow rods can have different diameters and designs. The larger the size, the larger the curls. Models with a cone-shaped nozzle allow you to create curls of different sizes, depending on where the strand was clamped.

Corrugated tongs.

The width of the pliers is selected in the same way as in the straightener (see above). But the surface is selected based on the desired effect. Plates with frequent ribs create a shallow ripple, and if there are few ribs, then the waves will be larger and less frequent.


Due to the cloves and the heating element, such devices detangle and straighten the hair a little. Suitable for light hair of medium length.

Round thermosetting brushes are designed to create volume and beautiful curl at the ends of the hair.

Multistylers .

The number and type of attachments are selected depending on the desired effects. As a rule, nozzles are included in the kitfor rectified Ia , plate corrugation , the nozzle-curling different diameters . Sometimes a comb attachment and several crocodile hair clips are added.

How to choose a styler: the necessary specifications

Stylers, as well as hair dryers and hair dryers, can dry hair if the model is not correctly fitted . To prevent injury, it is important to select the correct type of coating, power and temperature of exposure, and also to use spray with thermal protection. What to look for?

Power and temperature .

For thin and damaged hair, it is better to choose models with a power of up to 1 kW. For dense and healthy hair, the power can be 1.5-2 kW. But it is more important to look at the operating temperature of the device: maximum and minimum.

The presence of a thermostat is highly desirable . It can be stepped and smooth. The latter allows you to adjust the temperature more precisely. The choice of mode depends on the hair:

  • Delicate at 100–120 ° С - for thin, damaged and dry.
  • Moderate 150–180 ° С - for normal.
  • Extreme 200-230 ° C - for healthy, coarse and thick hair, as well as unruly hair.

Models without a thermostat operate at temperatures of 200-230 °. Such devices are suitable for infrequent use or for dense hair using thermal protection.